The FrankenPalm Diaries Begin


I was doing an inventory of my IT assets the other day and
found I had two dead Palm IIIs. One was just DOA; its PROM was
fried, most likely. The other had a cracked touchscreen, but was
otherwise apparently functional

Now, mind you, I`ve hardly ever used a Palm (or any other handheld
computer for that matter) , mostly because I`ve always been a
keyboard kind of guy. Both of these broken e-scratchpads had never
even synched with a PC. The fried one had come that in that condition,
yet for some unknown reason, i had kept it in a drawer with a
collection of useless cables and ac adapters.

So, on a whim, I decided to perform open Palm surgery.

The fried Palm was much more cooperative in the process. The
broken screen Palm resisted; its tiny screws stripped out. I ended
up using a wirecutter to chop off the back of the shell.

In any case, the operation was a success. So I have decided
to put this FrankenPalm to work as yet another Blog entry device.
At a minimum, it will help me brush up on my Graffiti.
So this is my first entry, scrawled on the Palm .

On the Acela, 6PM

Bullet train, my ass. We`re
a half hour behind schedule leaving Wilmington, Delaware and I
think we`re doing all of 30 mph down this foresaken stretch of

I`m on my way back from my first staff meeting at Ziff,
as well as yet another encounter with The
. This time, it was in the company of Ed Cone, a colleague
of mine and a contributor to Wired who wrote a
profile of Dave
that ran this spring. We crashed Dave Winer's
dinner at Vincent's in Little Italy (there's evidence

Apparently, Dave didn't like the results of Ed's work. He greeted
Ed politley, but it was clear he wasn't about to get up and hug
him. We sat down at the far end of the table; Dave briefly came
over to talk (and find out, I suspect, what fresh hell had brought
Ed and I to work together).

Ed genuinely likes Dave, I think. And Ed himself is a very
likable guy It`s obvious to me that Dave may have taken that gregariousness
as a cue that it was safe to be completely open with Ed, that
Ed had only his,Dave Winer`s,interests in mind.

This is, I think, part of what makes Ed such a damn good feature writer. People let their guard down with him. Dave, however, already shares his feelings and thoughts so freely that he has no real
guard left to let down. And when he saw himself profiled in not
a flattering, staged light but a more neutral, journalistic one,
he felt betrayed. Ed was supposed to be his friend…

So they`re telling us that the train can`t run at full speed
because of the heat. I guess the tracks are expanding too much
or something.
Trains and brains are somewhat the same in that regard…

8/8/01 Baltimore

I went on the local public radio station today for a call-in
show, "The
Marc Steiner Show
". The topic, which I had sort of fed
him (Marc and I have a history) was the Digital Millenium Copyright
Act, Dmitry Skylarov, and the brave new world of intelletual property
law. I was the only non-lawyer on the panel; of course, one of
the lawyers was Robin Gross of the EFF,
so she was there more to represent their party line (DCMA is Bad)
than to be a lawyer. Not that their party line is wrong in this

Anyway, Paula told me I held my own. Of course, she is my wife,
so she may be a -little- prejudiced.

On the Palm front, apparently both of the HotSync cradles I
have are also not functional. Unfortunately, I can`t rip – them-
apart and built a new one.

So I went out and bought a new hotsync cable, and a USB adapter
for the Mac. And lo and behold, Sync worked. Of course, then I
realized that the screws I had put back on the Palm were a little
loose, and suddenly one of the cradles worked too….so now I
have a hotsync cable for my wife's Mk I Mod 0 Palm Pilot, which
I recently rescued from the oblivion pile. Whether she'll use
it or not is another question entirely…

It's supposed to be almost 100 degrees here again tomorrow.
enough for ya?


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