The FrankenPalm Diaries, continued

8/09/01 Baltimore

God, is it hot. My window a.c. is doing its best – which means
it`s about 89 degrees in my office. But for some, temperature
isn`t the only kind of heat that they're dealing with.

I called my ISP yesterday – to ask about the situation with
(Chapter 11)
. They alreay had a scripted reply to read from.

So maybe I cursed myself. I`ve been dead in the water for over
2 hours now-my Internet connection has fallen, and it can`t get
up, apparently. I`ve established that it isn`t Covad`s fault,
though, as I can`t even get in via dialup. I`m guessing my ISP
is aware of the problem, as their phone lines are all busy.

4 pm-

Okay, so maybe I`m not the only one having a bad day. WorldCom
apparently had a fire
at its Baltimore central office
, which has screwed a large
# of Covad customers (not to mention all the poor network managers
in the local office towers).

8/10/01 Kill Mario

Just as I was about ready to give up all hope of getting back
online in this lifetime, Worldcom managed to reroute my ISP's
connections and I was back in business.

Again, it's hotter than the plains of Dis here today. Of course,
it was 104 degrees F in NY yesterday, so I guess it's not as bad
as it could be here.

My eldest son has a friend spending the weekend with us. Two 10-year
olds can apparently be 8 times as maddening as one, especially
when you add a 7-year old brother for them to triangulate off
of–and when when the visiting kid brings along a Nintendo cartridge
for James Bond:Goldeneye as a host gift. Unfortunately, the game
(which I'm going to burn while the kids are gone–it's rated T
for Teen, and my 7-year old keeps talking about GL-40 grenade
launchers now) does not support team play past two players, which
means some kid ends up on the wrong end of the bazooka.

I am beginning to view Nintendo as a Satanic device.

8/12/01 Ape-ocylapse

With our three kids, a spare kid, and one of my wife`s female
aquaintanes in tow, we went to see Tim Burton's "Planet
of the Apes
" yesterday. I enjoyed it for the summer blockbuster
fare it was. Paula, who has an inexplicable aversion to monkeys
and such, was "creeped out" for most of the first half
of the film, but euentually was drawn into it.

Part of the appeal of the movie is Marc Wahlberg`s almost everyman
take on the lead role. He was never as bombastic or as over-the-top
as Charleton Heston in the original. Everything else in the movie,
however, is WAY over the top.

And then there's Chuck, president of the NRA himself, as an
ape. Ironically, his brief appearance could be taken as an anti-gun
message. At least, that is, if you're an ape.

Now I have to rent the original so Paula and the kids can get
the inside jokes.


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