Weekend Warriors at the baggage scanner

Nothing personal, all you folks who serve in the reserves and
guard. I'm a former active duty officer and former reservist myself.
But I'm finding Dubya's plan to put
National Guard troops on guard
in airports a little, well,

The units being deployed here in Maryland are infantry units,
with little or no training in policing or security operations.
The Maryland Guard's military police units are all currently deployed
— either at the crash site at the Pentagon, or overseas–so they're
activating the 3rd Infantry Brigade and giving them a crash course
in airport security.

And this is supposed to make us feel safer.

Somehow, the idea of a young kid with essentially just basic
training behind him plus some slapdash security training, carrying
a loaded M-16, manning the metal detector does not give me the
warm-and-fuzzies about air travel.


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