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Feh. Travel does wonders for your workout schedule, as does getting sick.
Last Wednesday (that's 9/11), Thursday and Friday, I was travelling to Detroit for work to visit the fine folks at GM. No bike time those three days. Rode my loop around Hopkins, through Druid Hill Park and back down Druid Park Dr. to 41st St on Sunday; Monday night Kevin and I did a ride together (his first urban mountain biking experience) through the Druid Hill Park backroads and around the Disc Golf course.

Then Tuesday, I came down with a fever. I think it might have been West Nile, but it could have just been a 24-hour flu. Anyway, I was out of commission.

Wednesday, I was still recovering, and had deadlines to meet.

Thursday, I was back in Detriot again.

Today, I got a ride in, a hill-climbing mountain biking run up the back edge of the Disc Golf Course and along the Baltimore Zoo's perimeter fence, then back down mountain bike slalom style, using disc golf “holes” and tees as waypoints and launchpads. It was a good upper/lower body workout, and fun; any time a 280-pound guy can get airborne on a bike, there's fun to be had.


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