Baltimore, Family

Feline Home Invasion

For those of you not in the Baltimore area, it’s worth mentioning that it’s rather unpleasantly cold and snowy here right now. We got about 5 inches of snow on Saturday, and it’s 10 degrees outside right now (an even 0 when you take into account that mythical wind chill).

The weather brought us an unexpected (well, not wholly unexpected) houseguest. The Mooch showed up at our back door, whining and holding up altenating paws to get minor relief from the icy ground. Naturally, Paula let him come in the door.

He ensconced himself in the back half of our basement for a while, seeking shelter under an obsolesced foosball table near our water heater for a while. And then he started making himself at home.

Our two resident cats were none too pleased. Lucy, our 25-pound alpha female, made noises I hadn’t heard from her before. Desi, her submissive cohabitant, seemed spooked at first, then indignant.

Seeking to avoid conflict, I shut Mooch in the back of the basement for the night with food and water (after establishing he knew what a litter box was for and installing a backup box for our cats in the other half of the basement). And then we went to sleep.

At 6 this morning, I heard Lucy growling from under the bed. I tried to coax her out, as Paula went into the bathroom. Mooch came in to wish her a good morning.

Apparently, Mooch is really Houdini. He must have squeezed through a small gap in the framing of our finished basement that allows the sewage drain to pass under our basement bath and out through the back of a closet. Like an early riser at a bed and breakfast, he was wandering the halls and poking around for his morning meal.

I’m going to call the vet today to make an appointment for our feline houseguest. I suspect he may be with us for a while.


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