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Most likely to suck

So, if life in your industry has you down, consider the sugar industry.

Projected annual growth rate — pegged to population growth at about 2%, except for the new Surgeon General's kick against kids consuming carbohydrates.

State of the industry — the biggest player in the US, Imperial Sugar, is coming out of bankruptcy. They diversified into “healthcare products” — hospital food — and savory condiments; they just shed their food packaging division. Tate & Lyle, the UK based sugar empire, just shed Domino, and is looking to ditch the rest of its US holdings.

And then there's tooth decay, Diet Coke/Pepsi/Whatever, and the creeping doom of corn syrup (which already displaced sugar from the soft drink business).

Pay attention, Microsoft–this is your marketplace in 10 years.

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Bear On Board

I have a confession to make: I watch Bear in the Big Blue House. My wife got my our daughter Zoe two BBBH DVDs for her 1st birthday, though I suspect it was more for her and me than for our daughter. Sure, Zoe likes Bear–but Paula and I were watching BBBH before Zoe was born, and when the kids weren't home.

Who is this ursine guru, this orange furry fakir who draws child and adult alike into a hypnotic state, unable to break contact with his beady, blinking, hood-browed eyes?

Now even our oldest son seems to have fallen under his tutelage. Maybe it's the way he cha-cha-chas.