General Chaos

Joe Strummer (aka John Graham Mellor) died Sunday, of a heart attack, at 50. His first and greatest band, the Clash, was the band of my teenage years, and for me it was the Only Band That Matters; the Clash took “punk” and redefined its boundaries, subverting pop standards and other musical forms and bending them to their will. Ironically, on Saturday night, my conversation with a neighbor turned to the Clash and their collaboration with Alan Ginsberg (“Do the worm on the Acropolis/Slam-dance cosmopolis/enlighten the populous”).

buzzword compliance, General Chaos

The other kind of Radio

I'm going on Baltimore's Marc Steiner Show (on WYPR) tomorrow to talk about consumer gadgets. This ought to be entertaining; I haven't talked about consumer electronics since the last time I wrote for the Baltimore Sun (how long ago was that? Hint: it was about a 3Com consumer Internet appliance)…

Anyway, if you're in earshot, and want to hear me listen to how great I sound on radio (heh), tune in. It should be streamed live by WYPR and by the Baltimore Sun website as well.