buzzword compliance

Fun with webcam-chat-phishing Yahoo robots.

nina.skies 9:01: nina.skies wants your attention!
Sean Gallagher 9:02:   nina.skies wants your attention!
nina.skies 9:03: Hello there!!!
Sean Gallagher 9:03:  Hello there.  What can I do for you?
nina.skies 9:03: how are you doing????
Sean Gallagher 9:03:  I am fine!!!! Who is this???
nina.skies 9:04: soo what are you doing right now???
Sean Gallagher  9:04: I am working on an investigative report on IM phishing.
nina.skies 9:04: I not doing much im actually bored of chating around would you like to  have some fun???
Sean Gallagher 9:05: This is a robot, isn’t it.
nina.skies 9:05: IDK any ideas???
Sean Gallagher 9:06: This is definitely a robot

[block user nina.skies]