Steve Jobs wants to bankrupt me

How do you know when you have a problem?

When you just got a nice, shiny, black Video iPod for Christmas, and have a house with no less than five functional computers in it (plus an ailing Titanium PowerBook), and find yourself trying to figure out how to squeeze a preorder for a MacBook Pro into your budget.

Sure, three of the computers in my house were bought by my employer. Sure, P.’s iBook isn’t nearly as fast as the new Intel Duo-based systems will be. (And, btw, I remember the last time Apple did something with the name, “Duo” — it wasn’t pretty. I had to pry mine out of its dock once when the engaging motor failed in the locked position.) Still, as someone with more computing resources on each floor of his house than it took to support all of the Apollo missions combined, I find it disconcerting that I am drooling over computerporn again.

Maybe that’s why Apple’s stock price is doing so well.

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Working in a blog mine

I haven’t blogged much lately for a very specific reason–I’m now building blogs at work. The first of my efforts is here.

It’s less a pure blog and more of a mash-up of blog and aggregation portal. I’m using XSL transformations and RSS feeds to create a topical site that combines a regular blogger with all of the “traditional” editorial coverage we do on a topic. And, much to my chagrin, it’s all based on .NET.

One down, nine to go. This month.