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Hatefests all around

So much to say, so little time to say it.

I've been ranting about topics only software development geeks could love over at my blog-for-food gig, root access. The politics of open-source software are closing in on Arab-Israeli relations in terms of complexity and nastiness these days, particularly in the world of open-source Java projects. And as usual, the fighting is rooted in the root of all evil: money.

Meanwhile, here in Baltimore, we've got a hate-fest of our own going on over the firing of one police commissioner and the hiring of another. Let's just say that Mayor Martin O'Malley does not have a future in the executive search business–or as a management consultant. Ed Norris–hired, quits with a big severance package, gets indicted. Kevin Clark gets canned for…well, being Kevin Clark. And the latest bullet on the hit parade, Leonard Hamm, apparently was a little fast and loose with a bankruptcy filing (though considering how little he was getting paid as chief of the school police, people should cut him some slack).

All I can say is that politics is a bitch, no matter what kind it is.


Screw Healing

The United States is bitterly divided. John Kerry and George Bush both paid lip service to healing that divide, and bringing America together.

Well, screw that. It's time to rip that sucker wide open, and create a few more while we're at it.

The Democratic Party is a huge failure. It's deteriorated into a regional party of the two coasts, and its platform is almost purely defensive–defend the Great Society programs, Social Security, and so on from Republican cuts; defend against encroachment on abortion and other keystone issues, and sometimes–when they get agressive–they start thinking, “Oooh, maybe we can come up with some byzantine public-private health care system.”

You can just smell the despair in the platform. Jefferson is spinning in his grave. It's time to get back to Jeffersonian roots (aside from that little slavery problem) and civil liberties–and ditch the rest of the baggage. Either that, or someone has to start a new party.

There's a new party lurking within the GOP. Just below the surface,there are divisions between the hard-right and the old center of the party that are just waiting to be exploited. And the same goes for the “Red” states themselves–there are plenty of divisions in NASCAR America; they just need to be found and exploited.

This country has reached the point where we need to tear down the political status quo before we can move forward again. And there's nothing like a little bile to help with demolition. So screw “healing.” Let it bleed.