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Hatefests all around

So much to say, so little time to say it.

I've been ranting about topics only software development geeks could love over at my blog-for-food gig, root access. The politics of open-source software are closing in on Arab-Israeli relations in terms of complexity and nastiness these days, particularly in the world of open-source Java projects. And as usual, the fighting is rooted in the root of all evil: money.

Meanwhile, here in Baltimore, we've got a hate-fest of our own going on over the firing of one police commissioner and the hiring of another. Let's just say that Mayor Martin O'Malley does not have a future in the executive search business–or as a management consultant. Ed Norris–hired, quits with a big severance package, gets indicted. Kevin Clark gets canned for…well, being Kevin Clark. And the latest bullet on the hit parade, Leonard Hamm, apparently was a little fast and loose with a bankruptcy filing (though considering how little he was getting paid as chief of the school police, people should cut him some slack).

All I can say is that politics is a bitch, no matter what kind it is.