Headline Haiku

Morning Run Haiku

Mile 2

Broken bottles and

chicory flowers in the

harsh morning sunlight

An accidental

memorial bouquet for

this shattered roadside

An untended stretch

of lonely city sidewalk

I traverse with haste

Fading  zoo murals

weather off the concrete of

a silent playground

Vacant windows of

a crumbling convenience store

reflect the traffic

And I run past them

stretching my stride to hurdle

the cracking curbs

Headline Haiku, politics

Sunday's Reading

The pastor recites the reading
“Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s
And unto God what is God’s”
But he mangles the meaning

He says that Jesus taught us to
be obedient to two masters
and to serve the heads of state
wherever they are leading

Serving under arms when called
to kill foreigners on foreign soil
who worship God a different way
A cross all Christians carry

But to speak up respectfully
when the church says God’s law is higher
like when babies are aborted
or homosexuals marry