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Comcastration III

Comcast experienced a network-wide crash in the Baltimore area at noon
today. Not only that, but Comcast's phone response systems are
totally hosed as well–dialing in through their 800 number takes you
to pay-by-phone no matter what you do. A human being reached via a
local number said that the company was hoping to restore broadband
service by 3:00 today.

E-vandalism? E-warfare by Disney? Who knows?


Never on a Sunday

The Pope says secular activities on Sundays are a sin.

Perhaps believing that church attendance and Christian reverence are at an all-time low because of more worldly diversions on Sundays (like, for example, watching “The Passion”, I suppose), the pontiff told a group of Australian bishops that they should tell their flock not to watch movies or sporting events on the sabbath.
Next, he'll be saying you can't lust after your wife, I suppose…whoops.