General Chaos

Wall Street Journal Haiku

I've often thought the “What's News” box on the front page of the Journal would work better if editors wrote the items as haiku. For example, from today's front page:

  • SEC files suit:
  • “WorldCom bosses cooked the books!”
  • Bankers do gut check.
  • WorldCom's bewildered
  • workers wonder “Were we blind?”;
  • ponder unemployment
  • Sam Wyly sharpens
  • yet another proxy axe.
  • CA's Charles Wang sweats?
  • Dennis Kozlowski
  • gets two more felony counts;
  • tax crime posterboy
  • Martha Stewart's broker
  • getting federal thumbscrews
  • to testify she lied

Well, at least it would save newsprint.


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