General Chaos

Time Capsule

Today was a big housekeeping day–literally. I spent a couple hours attending to some, er, janitorial details that had gone overlooked for a while (one of the downsides of working at home is nobody vacuums your office or empties your trash for you).

I had done a big purge last year of things I had held onto while running a review lab that no longer made sense to keep. But I wasn't agressive enough, I fear. I can't figure out what made me hang onto the 1998 Microsoft Developer Network library, or all those still-shrinkwrapped, unsolicted software packages for NT 4.0 I had on the bottom shelf of my bookcase. Then there were the two years' worth of Red Herrings, Fast Companys, and Upsides–you know, from back when they looked like phone books?–not to mention all the now-obsolete books I had been sent for review.

When my younger son was in Kindergarten, he needed to bring in 100 of something for a math lesson they were doing on how much 100 was. I gave him 100 Microsoft beta CD-Rs. I could have given him another hundred.


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