General Chaos

38 Special

Today, I turn 38 years old–another year successfully navigated without too many close encounters with mortality is reason enough to celebrate. However, as people with too much time to think often do, I've been reflecting on my personal life “to-do” list, and find many of the tasks pencilled in for before my 38th birthday are being carried over as incomplete. Then again, the list needs some heavy revision.

Success is where you find it. And looking around me, based on my current priorities, this has been a pretty successful year.

My ambitions in life these days center on spending more time doing the things I like and with my family and friends rather than on the material and professional.

We had a cookout with friends on Sunday; September 10 is also the birthday of our friend and neighbor Ying Hui, so we had a consolidated event in her backyard. It was the first time in a long time I've had anything closely resembling a party on my birthday; it felt good. I felt…established. Settled.


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