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Dot.Communist reports 200% growth in monthly traffic year-to-year, and 500% annual revenue growth for FY 2002

BALTIMORE- Privately-held weblog and commentary provider The Dot.Communist announced today that it recorded 8,190 page requests in August of this year, up from 4,010 for the same period in the previous year, and from 1,143 in August 2000. August's showing followed a record month in July of 9,242 page requests, a 190% increase over July 2001's total of 4,661 page requests.

Seperately, Dot.Communist reported $5 in revenue from its merchandise sales on Café, resulting in a 500% annual growth in revenue.

“Given this phenomenal growth in traffic and revenue, even in a recession year, we see this as a sign that the digital economy is ready for a rebound,” said Dot.Communist chief content officer Sean Gallagher. “We hope to continue this growth until we can get venture capital, issue an IPO, and cash out as quickly as possible, er, I mean, build value for shareholders.”

This release includes certain forward-looking statements which should generally be ignored.