General Chaos

Thrown in the briarpatch

We are, it seems, exactly where Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and Dick Cheney had hoped we would be when they drew up their master plan
a few years back–fully entrenched in the Middle East, fighting a war
against Islamic fundamentalism  and Arab nationalism.  In the
quest for a world brought to order by American Empire, they have
achieved their first milestone–a milestone apparently designated on September 13, 2001,  and selected without any real pretense.

Fine.  There is no turning back from the war in Iraq now; it must
be fought to its bloody conclusion.  But there's no need to stick
with the bastards that brought us to this dance-turned-cage

And, apparently,  at least half of Americans are  ready to dump their  current date
Newsweek reports that 49% polled would rather send Dubya back for a
permanent, non-working vacation in Crawford than have him come back for
another four years of no-holds-barred malfeasance.

You'd think this was good news for the Democrats; it would seem this
was their election to lose.  Well, they might–lose, that is.

KerryGephardtLieberman. EdwardsDean
Mealy-mouthed weasels, every one of them.  Dean's main credentials
are that he wasn't in Washington while all this mess developed; the
idea that he's “on the left”, as his Democratic opponents suggest, is
based on a very poor sense of direction.

Direction.  The only current Democrat with it is Al Sharpton
Unfortunately, it's all Sharpton has right now–he can win debates,
fire people up with his speeches, and speak loquaciously about the real
issues of the day, but he's got no money, no organizational backing,
and thus no credibility.  Plus, there's that whole Tawana Brawley thing just waiting in the closet to be taken out to beat him with–Sharpton's own “Willie Horton” issue.

I'd vote for Al Sharpton.  Then again, I voted for Ralph Nader last time out of spite.

What the Democratic party needs, if they want to win this election, is
someone with backbone, charisma, brains and a can of whup-ass
credentials that make him (or her) a credible commander-in-chief (for
getting our asses down the long dark tunnel in Iraq and back home as
quickly and efficiently as possible).  Unfortunately, the last
Democrat with all four of those those kinds of credentials
was…Kennedy? Roosevelt? Jefferson?

That's why I think they need to draft Gen. Wesley Clark
Short of getting Colin Powell to defect and run as a Democrat, Clark is
the closest thing the Democrats have to a real contender with those
traits.  He's relatively progressive, he's got presence,  he
knows how to make decisions, and his policy positions are
soundbite-friendly.  On top of that, he's unassailable by the
right on the issue of national security.

Sure, he could just be the next James Polk.  But who would you rather have at the helm–Polk or Harding?


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