buzzword compliance, General Chaos

I was thrilled when Userland's Jake Savin announced a WYSIWYG Radio and Manila  in-browser editor for Mozilla.   That was, until I realized “Mozilla” didn't include Safari, and I would have to use Firebird to really take advantage of it.

Don't get me wrong–I like Firebird.  Or at least, I like Firebird
when it works.   But Firebird on Mac OS X is a little flaky
sometimes, and doesn't behave like Safari in some important ways.

One of them is the last page cache–particularly in the case of the
WYSIWYG editor.  In Safari, if I accidentally click on a link or
launch a new page in the window I'm typing in, I can back-button to it
and the content is still there where I left off.  Not so in
Firebird. (Or at least in the WYSIWYG editor in Firebird.)

For instance–yesterday, while typing a fairly long post, I clicked on
an entry in my browser history to check for the URL.  Whoops, it
went to the page.  I arrowed back, and 20 minutes worth of typing
was gone.

Now I know why Dave always fixes his posts after he publishes them.


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