General Chaos

Masochist’s Redemption? the Post-Season Season

The playoffs offer up the possibility of my dream World Series. Some dream of another Subway Series (and it'd be better next time! For sure!); I dream of The Battle of The Curses: Cubs v. Red Sox.

Somewhere, I still have a “Chicago Cubs World Champions” hat, (bought at a bar when I was at UW Madison, also known as “Chicago North”) from the year back in the 80's when they looked to be destined…but folded in the LCS. And the Red Sox have been a family favorite ever since the Dodgers moved.

This is the time of year I start really paying attention to baseball–it's the Season With Meaning. And I finally have an outcome worth rooting for. Cubs/Red Sox. My dream matchup from Champion Baseball in the dorm rec room, and the Strat-O-Matic of my youth.


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