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The Ultimate in Moblogging

There's a growing amount of concern about the impact of RFID technology on privacy–you know, if you don't yank the tags, and the UPC-based tag is still on your person in the clothes or shoes or merchandise you're wrapped in, you may be leaving your unique consumer signature every time you pass by an RFID reader close enough to pick up the data. So, like as you go through the doors of any store, or through a metal detector, or through the toll booth…

Here's a great application for DARPA to look into for this: an RSS feed for every RFID tag issued, that updates every time the tag passes through another checkpoint. Want to know in near-realtime where a particular pair of sneakers has been? Subscribe to its RSS feed, and you could have its global coordinates posted to a dynamic weblog. Where's that kid off to? Enter the UPC code on his new pair of Air Jordans, and you'll not only know when he arrived at the mall, but potentially who with. Yowza!



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