General Chaos

"Mister Anderson, welcome back"

I went with my two boys to watch The Matrix: Revolutions last night as a break from the story I'm working on.

I never saw the second “Matrix” film; my older son filled me in on the details. I'm sure I'll see it on DVD when it comes out, just like I did with the original. But even without the full reference points of “Reloaded”, I was able to just unplug my brain and enjoy the film.

My kids enjoyed it, too, though I suspect they were less enthralled with the cinematography than I was. The fight scenes were even more absurd than the original; Jonah, my younger son, said he thought some of the Neo-Smith fight scenes were torn directly from Dragonball Z (which I had to concur with). He thought they were “cheesy.”

I guess people flying around, running into each other at supersonic speeds, making craters in the pavement and such could be seen as “cheesy,” detached from the complete look and feel of the film. It wasn't exactly stunning dialog, either. But it was fun. And I'll get a lot of mileage out of my Agent Smith imitation with the kids for months to come…


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