Iraq, incompetence and malice

The real news out of Dr. David Kay's report on the investigation into weapons of mass destruction programs in Iraq is being brushed under the carpet by most politicians and pundits because it doesn't suit their arguments. That news: that scientists were running a con on Saddam to get money from him for programs they had no intention of taking to completion.

Kay says the evidence suggests the following scenario: Saddam had basically eliminated any power those underneath him had to vett new programs, and was personally handing out the money to scientists that came to him with cockamamie schemes. They took the money (in Iraq's crumbling economy) and ran with it. While documents and official notices, on the surface, indicated massive biological, chemical and nuclear weapons development programs, none of them was actually doing anything.

The CIA and other intelligence agencies failed to detect the fraud, just as Saddam did. They placed the most dire meaning on any evidence they found. Bush, looking for an excuse to go to war, found it in the evidence he was handed, and like Saddam took the information at face value.

But, in fact, there was no threat. The Saddam government was falling apart at the seams because of internal corruption and the growing delusions of Saddam. He was a nut with what he thought was a gun, but was in fact a bar of soap. There's room for blame all around on this one.

So now, can we finish up with the finger-pointing and figure out how to get out of this mess?


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