Something Came Up

So, last Wednesday (just before Thanksgiving), I came home from a pre-school Thanksgiving soup lunch…

Maybe I should stop right there. I mean, you can guess what would happen when you let pre-schoolers get involved in food prep. Those places are virtual disease clearing houses.

Anyway, I got the stomach flu *that night*. I was virtually chained to the toilet for the whole night, and well into Thanksgiving morning. By the time of the obligatory holiday meal (with my ex, her boyfriend and father on hand, no less), I managed to take on a nouvelle serving.

Next day, it marched right through my oldest son. Then on Sunday, my younger son was at an ice cream parlor for a birthday party…

Yeah, you get the picture.

So, we’ve only fully emerged from this little exercise in epidemiology today, and now there’s this postnasal drip cough thing running through the tribe…I think I caught it from a kid at the nursury school.


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