Looking for people with ink (or byte) stained fingers

Every now and then, karma turns around and offers you a chance to help friends or make some new ones. That’s happened to me at work recently. In the course of an aqcuisition my employer made, I ended up being handed a bit of a gift–I’m now in charge of restoring the once-proud brand of Publish.

Publish was once the magazine for people who used computers for graphic design and publishing. But it fell on hard times, and now it’s just a website of questionable utility.

So, I’m looking for people who are power users of graphic design, page layout and web design tools to help me make Publish better again. And knowing how many people there are like that in Baltimore (and who are bloggers in Baltimore, for that matter), I figured I’d start off by announcing that fact here. Comment here if you’re interested in finding out more.


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