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By now, you’ve probably heard of podcasting. Heck, you may be experimenting with doing your own podcasts. They’re great for certain types of content–and they’re especially good if:

  • You don’t want that pesky Google finding your content.
  • You want to thrwart any sort of indexing or searching of your content
  • You like the sound of your own voice, and think others should too.
  • But for those of us who only fall into the first categories, podcasting may carry a little too much of a footprint. If you haven’t mastered GarageBand or some other multitrack editing tool (or don’t own one), creating polished podcasts may be difficult.

    For those who want all of the advantages of podcasting without the audio, I’m taking blogging to the next level in inaccessibility and security: Papercasting. Using a paper-based logging device (a notebook) with a Fischer Space Pen, I record up-to-the minute notes on the day’s events. Then I scan the page for the day and upload it–if you don’t have a scanner, a digital camera may do the trick if set for the appropriate image quality and focal point.

    Here’s my papercasting plog (paper weblog).

    Next, I have to figure out how to do a fax gateway so I can moblog from Kinko’s.

    If you want to see a sample plog entry, click below.


    7 thoughts on “Papercasting

    1. I noticed your comment about Apple and Steve Jobs, and thought you might want to add another big-corporate-meanie to your list: Amazon. They recently filed a patent application for a “plog”, although only the name is the same. Still, enough to be concerned about. 🙂

    2. Ack! It was so obvious, it was sitting there in front of me. Padcasting. Thanks, Ash. And Amazon…I think I’ll have to dig up prior art. 🙂 And maybe a handwriting coach.

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