General Chaos


Just when you think you’re actually getting ahead, reaching a sustainable household stasis…a major household appliance blows up.

Well, in this case, melts down. Our refrigerator, which is about 7 years old, could not survive the latest heat wave; we came back from a mission of mercy to P.’s mom’s and a visit with our new niece to find that everything was drippy.

Fortunately, Sears and I are long-time friends, and when I called up to ask whether my long-neglected Sears charge account was still active, I was welcomed with open arms into the appliance department. Fortunately, they cared for me so much that they gave me 12-month, 0% interest financing. Unfortunately, after warranties, haul-away fee, and tax and tags, it set us back almost a full $k.

Speaking of drippy…

Another little household appliance incident has further put me into the hole. The humidity in B’more being what it has been, our air conditioner has been dripping condensate by the gallon. To our list of household chores, we’ve added “go dump the bucket on the front porch”; this prevents the condensate from sitting in a pool on the front porch and creating a slip hazard.

Well, while we were on vacation a few weeks back, the A/C got left on, and our house-sitter forgot to dump the bucket. I came home to find a damp spot in our basement and a dripping wet drop-ceiling tile where pooled water had seeped through the caulking of the porch.

Last week, we merely let the air conditioner run overnight. But as the humidity approached 100%, the rate at which our 10 gallon bucket filled rised exponentially, and by morning water was again pooling liberally around the porch–and above a piece of drywall ceiling directly over my basement office. I came down to check email, stepped on wet carpet, and looked up to see a crack developing above me….

And then a three-inch hole opened, dumping wet sheetrock and about a half-gallon of water onto my head.

Fortunately, no computers were harmed in the creation of this story.


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