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William. F***ing. Shatner.

OK, I long ago came to believe that the Emmys were an example of how really far the self-worshipping television industry was out of touch with reality. I stopped caring. And then, I got briefly lured in last night.

And did Naveen Andrews win Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series? Did Terry Quinn? No. Willam F***ing Shatner, for his buffoonery in Boston Legal, won. That’s right–for his part in that Ally McBeal rehash, T.J. Hooker won an Emmy for his dramatic chops.

I have officially gone back to not caring.


4 thoughts on “William. F***ing. Shatner.

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  2. Uh…perhaps when his characters are merely mirrors of himself, MT. If you want preening, bloated narcissim, Bill Shatner’s your man. He does that well.

    There is one plus side to Boston Legal: Shatner’s not directing any more Star Trek movies.

    But honestly, folks…William Shatner is a comedic actor. Boston Legal is a “dramedy”; the only reason that it was nominated as a drama was because of the realpolitik of the comedy category: despite how much it sucks, Everybody Loves Raymond was preordained to win.

  3. MT says:

    Here here, at least we can all agree to praise Jebus that vomit stain of a TV show is finally off the air. Here’s to never seeing Patricia Heaton on screen again.

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