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Dashboard Lights That Tell You Your Day Isn’t Going To Go Well…

As I returned home today from dropping Z. off at school, I recieved a notification from my dashboard that was about as welcome as finding a drowned Chinese cockle picker on my lawn. That would be the “low tire pressure” light.

Sure, it’s nice that my shiny new minivan has such wonderful features as a “low tire pressure” light. But generally speaking, that’s not a feature you want to reveal itself less than a month after you bought the damned thing.

Apparently, something nicked the sidewall of rear left tire. When I got out of the van, I heard a loud hiss coming from the rear left side, and I followed the sound to a rather innocent looking little scratch on the tire that was rather non-innocently spewing the tire’s gasses into the atmosphere.

One feature I neglected to opt for when I purchased the van: that damn tire and wheel protection plan. So now it’s sitting over at D&J waiting for a tire.



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