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sweetney sells out. :-p

oh, the guilt OR: how i learned to stop worrying and love capitalism.:

> “…but seriously, i spend A LOT of precious time and energy on this, which lately has got me to thinking of how i can make it even just a smidgen more self-sustaining…so it is with apprehension and reluctance and some honest-to-god anxiety that i’ve done two things: 1. put a couple links in the right-hand sidebar for donations, and 2. i signed up with amazon associates (who through some complicated formula i don’t quite understand pays site owners for clicks to and purchases of products via links on their site). i expect the latter of the two to generate… well, not much, honestly. but a few cents here, a few there… as for the donations, i have very little to say about it. i’m not going to beg you all to send me money, but if you enjoy what i do here — if i amuse and entertain you regularly, and if you feel the spirit move you — throw a buck or two or whatever into my e-tip jar as you would a street performer’s guitar case (or don’t; i’ll still love you anyway). please note: I PLAN TO NEVER MENTION EITHER OF THESE THINGS AGAIN; i just thought i owed it to all of you to send out a heads-up. …and now please excuse me while i go throw up. but before i projectile-hurl from anxiety-overload about taking this step that i obviously feel somewhat conflicted about, let me add: nothing has changed. i swear to fucking christ i’m not going to start posting 50 gazillion links to amazon products a day like some skeezy dork. i may be a dork, but i sure as hell ain’t skeezy….
okay, that’s it. xanax, anyone?

(Via sweetney.)

I very quietly installed Amazon associate stuff on my “stuff I like” page, if only in the hopes of deferring some of the costs of my information junkie habit. So I wish sweetney the best of luck in capitalizing her blogging expenditures.

BTW, I sold out long ago. I blog for food.


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