General Chaos

Curious at the Book Festival


Originally uploaded by packetrat.

So, the Baltimore Book Festival was quite the diversion. We (P., Z. and I) arrived around 3, after a morning soccer game (Brood X won their first, 3-0 against St. Joe’s of Fullerton), parking down by Bail Bonds Plaza. As we arrived on the scene, we spied Epiph in the crowd, but he was too far off to hail. Also, Z. had an agenda–she had spotted the birthday cake-shaped moon bounce on the west side of Mount Vernon Square.

It was enroute to the moon bounce that we stumbled across Curious George. Z. has been forcing me to read from a CG compilation regularly at bedtime, so she was happy to see the little (well, big) monkey. Of course, the story she makes me read the most is Curious George Goes to the Hospital…I don’t think George would like hearing that.

Then I attended to her highness for a an hour or so while P. sat in on an author’s talk, assisting Z. in finding the moon bounce, sitting through a storyterller session, the creation of a pointy hat, the acqisition of a balloon flower, and finding a hand washing station–followed by two more trips to the moon bounce.

Oh, yeah, and Z.’s quest to meet every single one of the Crabtown Project crabs got a big boost as well. Only about 120 more to go…


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