Baltimore, General Chaos

police on my back (yard)

police on my back (yard)
Originally uploaded by packetrat.

As we pulled onto President St. after having dinner at Amicci’s tonight, Foxtrot (the Baltimore Police helicopter) took off from Police HQ on Baltimore St. P. joked, “It’s probably headed to our house.”

Well, it was. We arrived home to find Foxtrot in orbit around our house, and Falls Rd. blocked off by patrol cars. Everyone was getting detoured through the route we usually take to pull into our parking pad.

As we pulled in, two guys were getting hauled into a police van in the alley, and two police cars had a van blocked off in the alley behind the houses on Falls. After the van pulled away, I went up to the officer filling out paperwork on the scene and asked him what happened.

“Oh, this other officer (indicating the woman officer I had seen on the scene) came to make an arrest, and she called for backup.”

That was backup? I wonder what the hell they were backing up for.


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