General Chaos

Fresh Start

I started a new job today. The old job had become something of an exercise in co-dependency, with no prospects of improving, and I had to stop being an enabler.

Once I gave my notice, it was like a gauze that had shrouded the world had been removed. The world seemed brighter somehow, its hues intensified by the absence of bullshit.

Quitting a job is one of the few empowering moments most people get in their lives — they are able to demonstrate their worth to an employer by denying him of it. It’s even more empowering when you leave to take a job where you can finally feel you’re getting the chance to show what you’re capable of, rather than what someone just needs you to do five days a week.

The new job is almost revolutionary in the ways it is different. Here’s hoping I still feel that way in a year.


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