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On tap: Interviews with DISA's John Garing and Tony Montemarano

I’ll be meandering down to Arlington today to the Defense Information Systems Agency for an interview with DISA’s CIO, John Garing, and then will be speaking with DISA’s Component Acquisition Executive, Tony Montemarano. Topics on tap for Mr. Garing: cloud computing and DISA’s open-source initiative, And I’ll be asking Mr. Montemarano about the focus of the new administration on “fixing” procurement, and how the innovations in acquisition programs started during Lt Gen Croom’s watch might be expanded or modified to meet the demands for better, faster, and cheaper acquisitions. I’m hoping to talk with him the “two-button” approach to Net-Centric Enterprise Services and the “third” button planned for the next iteration of the collaboration program; the “adopt” approach taken with NECC and DKO; and how those can be applied broadly to procurement at DISA.


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