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Joint Forces Command to test new network encryption

Joint Forces Command has contracted with Unisys to test the company’s Stealth encryption technology, which uses an algortithm to not only encrypt content travelling across the network but also break data into pieces and route it seperately, making it impossible to reconstruct documents and data by intercepting a single data stream with a network sniffer.

This would allow the DOD to transmit classified and sensitive data over its unclassified networks and the public Internet, without fear of compromise.  Classified data currently is restricted to the Secret Internet Protocol Routed Network (SIPRNet), the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS) t0p-secret network, and a collection of private encrypted terrestrial, satellite and wireless networks.

Defense systems reports:

“The government spends a considerable amount of money on these networks, and they’ve been looking for years for a way to combine them,” said David Gardiner, vice president of security technology and solutions at Unisys, which is deploying its Stealth technology under a one-year JFCOM contract.

via Joint Forces Command to test new network encryption — Defense Systems.


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