DISA to deploy new command-control software suite

DISA to deploy new command-control software suite

By Sean Gallagher

Sep 02, 2009

The Defense Information Systems Agency has cleared the last hurdle for full deployment of Global Command and Control System–Joint (GCCS-J) Block V, the last planned version of the suite of software that gives the national leadership and joint commanders tools to analyze situations and direct military units in the field.

Cheryl Roby, acting assistant secretary of Defense for networks and information integration, signed off on Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS) Version 4.2 Aug. 28, completing the development and testing program for GCCS-J. The other two elements of Block V — the Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES) 4.2 and Global 4.2 — had already been approved for deployment, and DISA’s GCCS team has begun deployment to the 53 sites worldwide where GCCS-J is used.

Block V is a departure from previous versions of the GCCS platform in that it relies heavily on commercial software for much of its architecture. It replaces the Defense Information Infrastructure (DII) Common Operating Environment (COE) used by previous versions of GCCS-J. The system relies on software from Oracle, including the BEA application server, and Java, and it also supports integration with other commercial software, including Google Maps support.

“The move to Block V has marked the movement away from the DII COE,” said Kim Rice, deputy program manager for GCCS-J. “We’re no longer doing segmented-software releases, which means…we’re able to get [enhancements] out to the field much faster than we were able to before.”

See the full story at : DISA to deploy new command-control software suite — Government Computer News.


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