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"Father of Aegis" dies at 83

Nearly 30 years after he became the plankowner of the Aegis Weapons System program, RADM Wayne Meyer has passed away.  Aegis, which is now the core of the Navy’s air defense and nascent ABM capability, pushed forward the art of data display and phased-array radar, and changed the way cruiser and destroyer captains “fight the ship.”

From the LA Times obituary:

“Retired Rear Adm. Wayne E. Meyer, who was known as the “Father of Aegis,” the Navy’s primary air-defense weapon system that revolutionized how the Navy performed air defense, has died. He was 83.

Meyer, who managed the development and early building of the Aegis system and later had an Aegis-equipped destroyer named after him, died of heart failure Tuesday at a hospital in Washington, D.C., said his son James.”

via Wayne E. Meyer dies at 83; retired Navy rear admiral —


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