Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin raises vehicle ISR sensors high

Lockheed Martin has rolled out a new sensor mast for on-the-move use of elevated infrared and other sensors.  Like a periscope mast for vehicles, the Common Mast System can raise sensors 5 meters above the vehicle and give operators an over-the-hill, over-the-dune, or over-the-building view:

“Developed entirely as a Lockheed Martin independent research and development program, the Common Mast System is a revolutionary design with significant improvements over current sensor mounts. While traditional platforms mount the sensor at the roofline, the Lockheed Martin CMS can elevate the sensor suite up to 5 meters above ground level. Once elevated, the CMS can remain extended at vehicle speeds up to 30 kilometers-per-hour for enhanced line-of-sight over rolling terrain, low buildings, heavy shrubbery, low tree lines and other obstructions.”

via Lockheed Martin Introduces Ruggedized Ground Sensor Mast For Enhanced Battlefield Surveillance | Lockheed Martin.


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