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Some Windows 7 Phones brick after first software update

Redmond Developer has reported the first Windows Phone software update had about a 10% failure rate because some phones had inadequate storage or poor network connections. In some cases, the phones “bricked”, becoming unusable. As a result, Microsoft has suspended sending out software updates to Samsung Windows Phone 7 handsets.

The real irony? The update was a fix to the Windows Phone 7 update software.

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Nokia Turns to Microsoft to Escape Phone Market Flames

Nokia and Microsoft have announced that they are joining forces to take on the established leaders in the smart phone marketplace.In a joint event on February 11 in London, the chief executives of Nokia and Microsoft announced a new partnership, in which Nokia would move to Microsoft’s mobile platform as its primary smart phone operating system and contribute its expertise in mobile to make Windows Mobile better.

This is something I like to refer to as “irony”.

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