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NIST puts head into cloud computing

FCW reports that NIST is assembling a cloud computing team to develop ways to assess the security of applications built with a cloud computing architecture.

“The team will give our customers a sense of what kinds of risks they may be taking on by moving into that new territory,” [Ron Ross, a senior computer scientist and information security researcher at NIST] said today at the SaaS/Gov 2009 conference produced by the Software and Information Industry Association and market research firm Input.

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Los Alamos: Spanish for "We lost more computers"

From Los Alamos National Laboratory reportedly missing 80 computers – Related Stories – SNM SmartBrief:

“Because the losses were considered a ‘property management issue’, the “cyber security issues were not engaged in a timely manner.'”

The Department of Energy cares about security. Really they do. They just don’t engage the issues in a timely manner.