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NIST puts head into cloud computing

FCW reports that NIST is assembling a cloud computing team to develop ways to assess the security of applications built with a cloud computing architecture.

“The team will give our customers a sense of what kinds of risks they may be taking on by moving into that new territory,” [Ron Ross, a senior computer scientist and information security researcher at NIST] said today at the SaaS/Gov 2009 conference produced by the Software and Information Industry Association and market research firm Input.

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Los Alamos: Spanish for "We lost more computers"

From Los Alamos National Laboratory reportedly missing 80 computers – Related Stories – SNM SmartBrief:

“Because the losses were considered a ‘property management issue’, the “cyber security issues were not engaged in a timely manner.'”

The Department of Energy cares about security. Really they do. They just don’t engage the issues in a timely manner.


tweet! You've been h4x0r3d.

The Rat is a relatively recent convert to Twitter, by his own admission. Mostly, it was because “What are you doing?” question that the service asks its users to answer over and over and over again each day consistently provoked the same response from him: “None of your @#$%%^! business!”

But since his recent life change, and the discovery that there are things other people on Twitter and Facebook are up to that he actually cares about, he’s started digging in a bit deeper to social networking services–albeit with some healthy skepticism. And that skepticism was proven justified last Thursday, when “don’t click me” rolled into his Twitter friends’ timeline. Continue reading


First things first — let's make it a holiday

Congress passed a resolution yesterday making this coming Friday “National Data Privacy Day.” If the move, intended to raise awareness of data privacy issues at a national level, seems a little last-minute –which is somehow appropriate, considering how data privacy, while a major regulatory issue, often is addressed as an afterthought.

I think we need a parade. We can have themed floats: “Don’t lose Energy Department Lab Hard Drives in the Kitchenette” and “Don’t take Veteran medical records home on your laptop” are two that immediately spring to mind.