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DC CTO to be White House CIO

Just reported for Internetnews :

DC CTO named as Obama Administration’s CIO

The Obama administration has named Vivek Kundra to be the the first-ever White House-level chief information officer.

Kundra is currently chief technology officer for Washington, DC’s city government, and has risen in the public eye because of his innovative approaches to managing the city’s technology projects. As the first-ever Federal Chief Information Officer, he’ll be responsible for managing the entire federal government’s technology portfolio and budget, and overseeing its enterprise architecture.

I’ll link when the story is live.

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"Progressive" think tank says Obama defense budget on target

The Center for American Progress’ Lawrence Korb wrote today on the think tank’s blog that the Obama administration’s top-line budget for the Defense Department –which is a 4% increase over the Bush administration’s 2009 budget , and $6.7 billion more than Bush had asked for in 2010–is more than adequate, and gives some suggestions on how to spend it.
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