General Chaos, Headline Haiku

The Asterisk Blues

Asterisk Boy sits alone in his lair/
he don't give a damn about what's hangin' in the air/
His ears are closed to the voice of outsiders/
He only hears the yes-men and crooked advisers/

Asterisk Boy's got an itchy trigger finger/
He's a fat-cats-first-kill-the-rest right winger/
God made him king so he knows he's right/
He never lets his people stay away from a fight/

He tells a lie until he thinks it's true/
Asterisk Boy knows what to do/
he'll lock up anyone who gets in his way/
The voice in his ears tells him what to say/

Four more years of a nasty habit/
He's not going to let anybody else have it/
The money pours in from the corporate coffers/
Blood and profits is what he offers/

I've got the asterisk blues/
I can't win I can only lose/
It's treason they say/
to protest in this way/
I've got the asterisk blues…


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