More transitions.

So, those of you who read my former colleague Chris Dorobek’s blog may already be familiar with the change in path my career took yesterday. I’m no longer at 1105 Media, no longer editor of Defense Systems magazine. I may be continuing a relationship with 1105 as an independent contractor–not an unfamiliar role for me, as I freelanced for GCN (and its three corporate parents over that time–Reed Elsevier, Post Newsweek, and 1105) for more than 14 years.

Wyatt Kash and 1105 GIG editorial director David Rapp are high-class people, and I wish them the best. I hope that I do continue to work with them in some way. David was very gracious to me, and despite the fact that anything like this always stings, I have nothing but the highest regard for him and for everyone on the 1105 GIG editorial team.


One thought on “More transitions.

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