Coming up for air.

The last month has been a bit hectic, so there hasn’t been much going on here in cyberspace. All my energies have been devoted to good old-fashioned print.

My article on the Human Terrain System is in the upcoming May issue of C4ISR Journal, which I saw an early copy of today. In the meantime, I completed a new article for them on the National Geospatial Intelligence Center’s CRADA programs, including their latest cooperative agreement with BAE Systems around creating web services for intelligence analysts. I’m now at work on an article on the upcoming annual Empire Challenge C4ISR exercise.

Elsewhere in print, I’m still contributing to Defense Systems. My friend David Carr pulled together the cover story I assigned him before leaving the company for the April issue of DS, and Jeff Langkau and Sam Votsis executed the initial art ideas we discussed for the article, so I feel like there was still a little of my stamp on the issue. I also contributed an article based on the interview with DISA strategy chief John Garing, and an article on the Tactical Ground Reporting System’s development at DARPA. I also pulled together a report on the Navy’s NGEN Industry Day for online and the May issue, and a short on the Navy’s RFP for CANES.

Elsewhere online, I also just completed a set of articles on transitioning from the military to a job in the civilian world for TheLadders.com. That’s probably going to be behind a firewall, as is the analysis of the Robotic Technology Consortium for Robotics Business Review.

And that’s just the stuff I can mention now.


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