Lockheed-Martin's cyberwar efforts played up in Financial Times

In today’s Financial Times, there’s a glowing profile of Lockheed Martin’s cyber efforts, highlighting the company’s close relationship with the military and its position as the leading IT provider to the US federal government.  Lockheed is prime on DARPA’s “Cyber Range” project — the configuration of a network for testing different types of cyber defenses–due to launch in November.

The article quoted retired DISA director LT.Gen Charles  Croom heavily. Croom is now head of Lockheed’s cyber center:

Mr Croom says the biggest problem is finding a way to predict attacks, rather than reacting to them. This is crucial as data banks grow ever more vast and the scale and variation of assaults increases exponentially.

“There is a tremendous burden on the defender,” he says. “We are thinking about how to deal with unknown things: how do you defend against the unknown threat, how do you go from reactive to predictive?”

The article also mentions  Lockheed’s involvement in developing cyber offensive capablities, “an important area, as state actors such as China and Russia develop advanced cyber warfare techniques – though the company is unable to talk about its classified work.”

via FT.com / Reports – Lockheed Martin: The move from reactive to predictive.


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