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Worst Practices: Learning the Wrong Lessons from WikiLeaks « Unisys Security Blog

This post can be read in its entirety over at the  Unisys Security Blog, where it was contributed as a guest blog.


The dark cloud of the WikiLeaks debacle should have a bright silver lining. The exposure of classified Department of Defense and State Department data by WikiLeaks gives us a teachable moment on information security — not just for government agencies, but for any organization that stores, handles, and processes sensitive information.

The vast amount of classified data — over 75,000 Defense Department incident reports and more than 115,000 classified diplomatic cables — and the damage caused by their exposure reveals common flaws in how organizations typically handle sensitive information. But as with past data breaches, many organizations will learn the wrong lessons. And the actions they take as a result will make their organizations less productive and, perhaps, even less secure.

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