Daily Grind

If you didn’t catch the news, I’m now Executive Editor for Bisnow’s Fed Tech e-newsletter and site.  Which, for the moment, means I’m pretty much the whole operation.  Shifting from a freelance  hurry-up-and-wait model to a full-time hurry-up and hurry-up model has been interesting, to say the least– especially reconditioning myself to get out of bad habits writing for the longer form have allowed to creep in.  Mark Bisnow has been a good teacher, to say the least.

A little of the Packet Rat lives in Fed Tech. It’s written in a breezy, informative way with attempts at humorous asides (some thrown in by me, some thrown in by Bisnow’s “chief humorist”).  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, but it’s never boring ,that’s for sure.

The one thing it currently lacks is social media engagement.  Yes, there are buttons to click to post to Facebook and Twitter.  But I want to have a running open conversation with people, too. So the blog and my @thepacketrat Twitter feed are going to evolve into a place to keep discussions going around topics I’ll cover in the newsletter, and to help feed ideas into it.

Please subscribe to the newsletter.  Send me your thoughts, comments, complaints, leads.  And thanks for your support.


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