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Amazon’s EC2 outage may be related to cyber-attack

At the moment, I’m waiting for some sort of confirmation. But this is what I know:

Since Monday, — a site that hosts petitions and other social action efforts for others–has been the subject of a DDOS attack from China, according to Ben Rattray,‘s founder.  They’ve been working with their hosting company and with cyber experts to help screen out the attack as much as possible, but the site was down much of yesterday.  And it’s down today, intermittently.

Interesting fact: is hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Interesting fact: AWS’ Elastic Compute Cloud data center in Northern Virginia is experiencing an outage of various services, affecting Quora, HootSuite, and other social media companies hosted on it.  That would be the same site that is hosted at primarily, since the NoVA data center is the US East region cloud.

The Chinese have been varying their attack.  Is it possible they’ve exploited Amazon’s EC2 APIs to attack now?

I haven’t heard back from Amazon.

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China's military power takes 'quantum leap', according to China's defense minister

In a bit of boosterism, speaking to China’s Xinhua news agency, China’s defense minister Liang Guanglie said that China’s military has ‘taken a quantum leap’ in its warfighting capabilities as a result of investments in defense technology. “It could be said that China has basically all the kinds of equipment possessed by Western countries, much of which reaches or approaches advanced world standards,” he said.

His comments come just before China’s National Day military parade, which showcases Chinese military hardware.

from AFP’s China’s military power takes ‘quantum leap’: defence minister:

“China has poured money into its armed forces in recent years in a bid to transform the once-backward PLA into a lean, professional and high-tech fighting force.

China’s military spending rose 15.3 percent in 2009 to 69 billion dollars, according to a budget submitted to parliament in March, the latest in a string of double-digit increases.”