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SRA Awarded $19 Million Air Force DCGS Contract

The Air Force has contracted SRA International to help it better leverage the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) ISR backbone.   Acc0rding to SRA’s release,  “(b)uilding on the Air Force’s web-enabled intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) database, SRA will design interfaces allowing direct user input to the enterprise architecture database, along with models that perform independent analysis and experimentation while maintaining data integrity.This analytical capability will provide the AF team with the ability to makepolicy, functional and programmatic decisions related to the continuing development, fielding and operation of the DCGS enterprise.”

via SRA Awarded $19 Million Air Force Contract | Reuters .

DCGS is an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data sharing system built on a message-oriented middleware backbone developed by Raytheon.  It’s been the cornerstone of joint ISR development and testing at the DOD’s Empire Challenge exercise for the past few years.


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