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While fate of C-130 AMP hangs in balance, Boeing delivers first simulator

Boeing has announced that the Air FOrce has taken delivery of the first C-130 Avionics Modernization Program training simulator, the Weapon System Trainer,  at Little Rock Air Force Base. It was declared “ready for use” on July 20.

From the release:

Boeing is scheduled to deliver a suite of trainers over the next several years to support the AMP training program at Little Rock. Each piece of training equipment offers a different level of instruction to train crew members in the operation of the new capability AMP will install in the aircraft.

“As a guard unit, our entire mission depends on exceptional training,” said Lt. Col. Domenic Sarnataro, 189th Airlift Wing Chief of Safety, Arkansas Air National Guard. “Ours is the only unit that will provide training for the C-130 AMP, so the sooner we can start using these simulators, the better prepared we will be when training begins late next year.”

The release: Boeing: Boeing’s 1st C-130 AMP Trainer for US Air Force Declared ‘Ready For Use’.

It’s still not clear whether AMP will survive budget cuts.  Three C-130 AMP aircraft have completed initial flight testing, but the program awaits final full production approval by the Air Force.


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